Manufacturing Assistant

Company Name:
Albany International Corporation
Job Title: Manufacturing Assistant
Area of Interest: Manufacturing
Employee Type (Hourly/Salary): Hourly
Travel: No Travel Required
Physical Location: Kaukauna, WI
Job Description: JOB SUMMARY
The Albany International Kaukauna facility is a union-free environment. The Albany philosophy is to involve employees in Safety, Quality, and Productivity improvement activities in order to serve our customers well and provide long-term stability. Successful candidates must have strong teamwork skills, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic, along with the necessary qualifications. The Manufacturing Assistant's main responsibility will be to provide relief to the department by performing various tasks needed to help operators. Therefore the Manufacturing Assistant position will require a lot of flexibility, as they could be performing many different tasks throughout the day.
Starting wage is $15.56/hour progressing to $18.56 over the first year, provided you are meeting expectations.
o Follow all publicized safety policies/procedures and JIBS applicable to the job.
o Use appropriate PPE that has been identified on the Hazard Analysis for the department/role.
o Attend and participate in all safety training, safety meetings, audits and Behavior Based Safety programs assigned.
o Report all safety hazards observed. If capable, correct the safety hazard identified.
o To follow instructions on trailer cards.
o To perform standard work as specified in JIBS.
o To assure quality of products.
o To load/unload looms
o To assist in measuring fabrics
o To assist in fabric roll-ups
o To assist in setting-up and taking-down a fabric
o To clip/shave seams
o To act as second set of eyes during hoist lifts
o To run the 5L/6L seaming equipment
o To work on process improvement initiatives.
o To perform all tasks requested by Team Leads
o To thread-up a loom
o To assist on the cleaning/burling rig
o To maintain floors using the floor scrubber
o To load and unload the creel in warping
o To run the T07 equipment
o To assist in Shipping Department
o To aid in seaming set-up
o To prepare shute strips
Awkward Postures: Employee may be in an awkward position of:
1. Trunk may be flexed or rotated while performing job tasks. Duration short to moderate with ability to change position.
2. Trunk - lay on stomach/leaning on elbows for inspection/repair 6-8 hours,7-8x/month
Repetitive Motion: Finishers perform the following repetitive motion:
1. Elbow, Wrist, Hand: Clipping, Shearing, Sanding, Shaving - 2 hrs/day average.
2. Shoulder: "dusting" motion to inspect fabric. Arm at chest height. 20 min. duration.
Equipment Utilized:
1. Hand, power, job specific tools: clippers, electric shavers, sand paper, measuring tapes, hand held sewing machine, sealing iron, strapping gun, air hose.
2. PPE - gloves, knee pads, safety shoes, safety glasses, respirators (if needed)
3. Overhead hoist and strap systems.
Experience/Education/Skills: Required Skills:
o Safety conscious
o Flexibility
o Ability to learn many different job tasks
o Manual skills
o Basic computer skills
o Good communication skills
o Positive attitude
o Quality oriented
o Occasional overtime required
o Proactive problem-solver
o Active participant in company initiatives
Required Experience: None
Education Requirements: High School Diploma

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